Thursday, October 21, 2010

These were no Freedom Fries....they were French

Ooh, look at me! I'm a big shot Frenchie with all this fancy French food! I pay no less than $40 for a burger!! I drink gallons and gallons of wine! I appreciate visual art! I'm so fancy!!!

I mean, come on! It's just supposed to be food, man! It doesn't have to be all decorated and accented and adorned. It just has to be delicious! Give me a break.

Yes, these were my complaints as my acquaintance dragged me to this "bistro" or "cafe" or something like that. They couldn't just call it a restaurant; apparently this classy joint had to have it's own title. "The Land of Hoity Toity," I call it. Damn. I just want a sandwich and some Doritos.

HOWEVER!!! The food WAS delicious! Who knew everything could taste so good AND look so good?? I mean, I love a good food-based presentation, but this really blew me away. I'm...I just don't know. It's hard to describe. It's like...the opposite of conceited. Not quite humbled. Not ashamed. I guess I'd have to say that I'm a tad impressed.

I'll tell you this, readers. You put some goat cheese up on a salad and it makes it a billion times better. Serve paté with pickles and you'll be able to choke it down. Call fries "pomme frites" and you'll class up the joint. Make your food taller, and apparently it tastes better. I'm amazed.

And by the way, brava on the blue cheese-topped sirloin, which I can only assume is the Frenchified Philly Cheesesteak. Brava.

I guess the Frenchies have something going for them after all. Besides snobbery. Jeez.
The giantest tomatoes I've ever seen or tasted.
There's the goat cheese! And it was warm!
Paté, gross. With other stuff, actually not bad.
Salmon. I left this one to my acquaintance. No thank you.
A simpler kind of salad - one with no goat cheese. That poor salad!
There's the French-style Philly cheesesteak! Blue cheese on a steak? Genius!
Lamb shank. Mmm...lamb. With one fancy potato chip sticking up out of the mashed potatoes. Double carbs!

Another kind of fish. Bored.

Lemon tart with raspberry sauce and a giant tall wafer for the kids.

Cappuccino. Maybe with some booze in it. You never know.

When you cut into this one, liquid chocolate comes spilling out. No, I'm totally serious.

If you're interested in tasting this deliciousness and dropping some ca$h money, all this food is from Chez Joel Bistro Français in Chicago. I highly recommend it and plan to try out the new brunch menu very soon.


liz said...

I will see your blue cheese on a sirloin, and will raise you jalapeno blue cheese steak sauce on a filet. But now i want to go back to Texas. Specifically to here: nom nom nom.

Granted, Chicago looks yummy too. Are those mashed potatoes next to the steak? Why are they yellow?

jx said...

Taller food - nice. Bravo for making moi hungry for tre expensive-ass food, dammit. That effing fromage de chevre in the photo will haunt moi for weeks. My verification word almost spells Chicagoan. "chgicon" Just missing 2 a's. FYI.