Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Memorial No More(ial)

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you thought it would be a real memorial. I bet you thought I was gone forever. A faint memory in the sea of deliciousness...a lingering taste in your mouth from the last bite...mere steam rising from a, oh I don't know, soup tureen, I guess.

Well, stand corrected, jerks! 'Tis a memorial no more! I am back, and so much better than ever. After Thanksgiving, I went into hiding. You see, Thanksgiving 2006 was somewhat disappointing; while the appetizers varied slightly from years past, the entrees were nothing new, nothing special. In fact, I could have listed the main courses before I even saw them. Same old, same old. Every year, its the same old.

I thought I had lost my taste for life, my flavor for food, my passion for passionfruit. I needed a boost, my friends, a pick-me-up like none other. and finally, that boost happened. I attended a Memorial Day Barbecue.As I have learned, the term "barbecue" varies greatly dependent on one's location. Some call it a Barbecue. Some call it a grill out. Some say BBQ. Some simply prefer "sausage fest." whatever your personal opinion, its all pretty much the same. delicious food at a delicious price. free!

And so, my friends, I welcome you back to my life of deliciousness, my impeccably beautiful pictures and descriptions, my food-inspired heaven. while i believe this unbelievable phenomenon should probably be v.i.p. members/by invite only, I guess I'll make a few exceptions. this time. next time, though, watch out. You better impress me.

And that, my friends, takes a lot of moxy. Or, you know, a lot of sausage.

these are called cheddarwurst. yeah, there's cheese inside.

homemade ribs, fools!

these are brats. cooked in beer. maybe you've heard of them?

spinach salad with craisins and candied walnuts. sexy!!!

garnish. relish. cherish.

couscous with spinach and tomatoes. no meat in here!

BUNS! these are various buns! the meat goes in the buns! HAHAHAHA!

potato and beet salad. its so pink! tastes even better when 3 days old.

chicken and lamb kabobs. there's liver in between if you look closely.

pickled things. these are very tasty at the end of the meal.
xxoo, delicious food

Monday, June 11, 2007

My New Home

Did you miss me? When I was gone, did you miss me? Well I didn't really miss any of you, considering I never get any love anymore. Really, my message inbox is constantly empty, my comments are seriously lacking...even my hate mail and threatening letters have dwindled to practically nothing. Bitch bitch bitch.

Anyhow, I highly doubt you even NOTICED I was gone, but I was. My most recent search for delicious food took me abroad, pals, and let me tell you, it was quite a journey. I'm back at my new home here on Blogger but I promise to continue to visit my old home on MySpace.

Realizing that I had to make myself more available to my fans was truly a humbling experience. A delicious, humbling, international, internationally acclaimed experience. Now I truly encourage you to stay and see the pictures, check out the blog, and for god's sake, give me some love.

I got love in far-off MySpace, why can't I get it here?

xoxo, delicious food