Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years - You'll Do

So, New Years, eh? Yeah, not at the top of my list of favorite holidays. Come on now; it's not at all based around food! I mean, yeah, there's usually food involved, but it's not based completely on food like the famous holiday of Thanksgiving. Now that's a good one. So I went into this New Year's with few expectations and somewhat low energy. However! As soon as I saw the spread of food and drank at the party I attended, I immediately gave more of an eff. So easily swayed...

My favorite item of the night was a Nutella-based dessert. The thing about Nutella is that it's pretty much going to be delicious no matter what you do with it. I mean, really, you could dip pickles in it and it would still rule. With foods like this, foods that always taste amazing, it's difficult to make it better, so you really have to get creative and/or use your resources. I enjoy using the internet. It's on computers now! My companion and I found a recipe for Nutella-banana empanadas, so obviously, we made the shit out of them.

First, you mix the bananas and empanadas in a bowl. Easy enough, right?

Then you put a blob of it in some refrigerated pie dough you bought at the grocery store.

Next, make it like a pocket and pinch the edges to make it cute.

Then pretend they're raviolis. Wah wah! So funny.

Put them on a baking sheet, freeze for 15 minutes or more, then bake.
Empanadas were a good choice.

There was some more food involved, although those empanadas really took the top prize. I'm all about appetizers and desserts only, which is why I loved this party spread. Sometime you just don't want to eff around with main courses, you know? So, I give you, mostly appetizers. And one more dessert:

Ginger-rosemary cookies. The smell is nearly as good as the taste. Nearly. Not totally. I'm not stupid.

Crackas! White people love these.

Olive tapenade on little hard breads.

Garlic, olive oil, goat cheese, and marinara.

Guacamole and hummus in an eggplant shaped dish. I know, there's a lot going on in this picture, but trust me, it's okay. They didn't touch.

I know. I'm bored too.

Heirloom cherry tomatoes with basil leaves and mozzarella balls on toothpicks. Salt and pepper and drizzled olive oil on top.

Oh hay girl, a salami and cheese plate!

Let's get a close-up on a masterpiece. There's guacamole under there! Genius.

Baked macaroni and cheese with gouda and prosciutto.

Oh yeah, booze.

Alright, New Years, you'll do. You're no Thanksgiving, but I won't hate. You did good.


Rachel said...

Wow, what a spread! Looks like a great and delicious party.

SophisticatedBrew said...

Send some of that mac and cheese over here. It was SO GOOD. Oh yeah and the empanadas. I couldn't believe they weren't all eaten instantly. Don't people know what's good?